How do I purchase contact data for my team?

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To purchase contact data for your team, log in to your account and go to Account Settings in the upper right hand corner of the page. 


Under Team Settings, click on Team Members and then pick a contacts package under the Add Ons section. Note that this purchase option is available to users who have team owner permissions.


From the buy page, select how many seats you would like, and click Subscribe. In the example below, I have 5 team members on my team (Pepper's Team) and I want to buy 100 Contacts for each team member. 


After the subscription(s) is successfully purchased, start managing your team and seats by assigning members to the 100 Contacts subscription by clicking Manage next to the team member's name and selecting 'Assign Contact Seat'. In the example below, I'll be assigning a 100 contact seat to Charles Hall.


After successfully assigning the seat to a team member, you should see your number of seats available update along with the Add On column display reflect the change. In the example below, you'll see we now have 3 seats available and Charles Hall now has the 100 Contacts add on.


If you do not have an existing team yet but purchased extra seats, click on Invite on the popup after purchase and add each team member's email. After the individuals have accepted their invite you can manage their subscriptions by following the steps above.


Keep in mind, while Crunchbase Pro users can purchase & manage subscriptions (including Contacts) for multiple team members, a Contacts subscription can only be purchased and given to other Crunchbase Pro users. 

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