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Crunchbase Pro users now have the option to access contact data. Contact data includes various information such as names, titles, job levels, departments, LinkedIn profiles, email addresses, and phone numbers for employees at companies profiled in Crunchbase.

Crunchbase’s new contact data and suite of engagement features help prospectors find qualified accounts and connect with the right contacts using intelligent outreach.

Contact data can be found on Organization profile pages on the Summary and People tab. 

Contacts_-_Summary.png Crunchbase_Profile.png

Keep in mind, you will not find a contact section on person profiles - only on organization profiles (Company, Investment Firm and School profiles).

Contact data can also be found on the Contacts tab of search, and allows you to filter by job titles, job levels, departments, and employee names. To learn more, click here!



If you would like your contact data removed, please click here to learn more. 

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