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Team administrators can turn on a shared CRM connection to reduce the risk of hitting your Salesforce data limits. Make one connection for Salesforce, which reduces the number of API calls for your team. Note, this option is only available to users with a Crunchbase Pro subscription

Additionally, by turning on the shared CRM feature, you will also have access to see which account owner pushed the data from Crunchbase to Salesforce and when it was pushed. Each account owner can use bulk account push as well. 


Enhance your Crunchbase experience by using CRM-enriched search filters (make sure you’ve connected to our Salesforce integration or Hubspot integration first) to save time finding leads.

When you’re connected, your team can easily find new qualified accounts and resurface stale leads with data you already have in your CRM - learn more about CRM-enriched searches HERE.


*Note: If you are a team member and would like to set up this connection, we recommend reaching out to your team’s administrator. Click here to learn who your team administrator is!

For team administrators, click here to learn how to get connected! 

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