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With Crunchbase’s layoffs signal, you can target companies that are growing and steer clear of those that aren’t. You can narrow down your search and focus on companies that have had no layoffs reported recently. You can also dig into the news context on profiles so you’re equipped with the latest insights to inform outreach. This will help you better identify which companies have had employment changes and those that haven't.

Use the “No Layoffs Reported” filter to search for companies that have not had layoffs reported in a specified time period. Follow the steps below to learn how to filter by “No Layoffs Reported”:

1. In the advanced search page click “Signals” in the lefthand filter menu and navigate to 'No Layoffs Reported'. Note, the individual filter sections will appear collapsed - simply click the dropdown arrow to expand the section you want to look at or utilize. 


2. Voila! You now have a list of companies that have no layoffs reported in the corresponding time frame. Hit “Save Search” to save this list & get alerted when there are new additions.


3. You can also update an existing list by simply adding the 'Last Layoff Mention Date' column. Just be sure to select the Companies tab first, then select the Edit View or Add Column option.


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