How to Filter by Actively Hiring Using Crunchbase Pro

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Crunchbase’s new actively hiring data helps you understand prospects’ buying power based on hiring frequency, number of positions posted and areas of team expansion. When you’re searching for prospects, you can focus on companies that are actively hiring and see which teams are growing to personalize your outreach.

Use the “Actively Hiring” filter to search for companies that have one or more open roles or add a column to your existing search or list to quickly identify companies hiring!

Follow the steps below to learn how to filter by “Actively Hiring”:

1. In the advanced search page click “Overview” in the lefthand filter menu and scroll to 'Actively Hiring'. Note, the individual filter sections will appear collapsed - simply click the dropdown arrow to expand the section you want to look at or utilize.


2. Ta-Da! You now have a list of companies that are actively hiring. Hit “Save Search” to save this search & get alerted when there are new additions.


3. You can also update an existing search or list by simply adding the 'Actively Hiring' column. For lists, be sure to select the Companies tab first, then select the Edit View or Add Column option. In the example below, you'll see I have a saved list of Companies HQ in the US. Using this existing list, I added the actively hiring column to identify which companies are hiring. 


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