What Can My Teammates View?

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Team members can see different levels of information in Crunchbase based on their role: Owner, Admin or Member. Learn more about roles, here

Team Owner, Admin can see:

  • Team & seat management: 'Owner, Admin' users can see each person’s name, email and role within the team on the Team Members page, and update permissions as needed.
  • Payment & billing information: 'Owner, Admin' users can see payment and billing information for the team subscription (including credit card information, invoices and renewal dates).
  • Single sign-on: 'Owner, Admin' users can set up single sign-on for their team in the Team Settings > Security section.
  • Salesforce Sync connection: 'Owner, Admin' users can enable the shared CRM connection for their team and check the status of the sync and number of records successfully connected under Team Settings >Team Info.

Team Members can see:

  • Team & seat management: Team members will be able to see who is part of their team under Account Settings > Team Members. Members will only be able to see the names and roles of other team members.
  • Shared notes: Members can see shared notes for their team, including past note history on profiles. Members can search for specific keywords in shared notes from their team.
  • Shared tags: Members can see all shared tags saved by your team on profiles and search from the drop down menu. In Account Settings, team members can see a full list of all shared tags. 

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