How to Get Your Own Alerts on a Shared Search or List

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The privacy settings of saved searches and lists can be set to Public, allowing their links to be shareable for anyone else with a Crunchbase Pro subscription; this can be especially helpful when working on a team

When a search or list has been shared with you, you can personalize your email alerts as you see fit. 

Saved Searches

After receiving the URL to a search, you’ll need to save the search first by clicking on the blue Save Search button. 

This will open up the following modal, where you can name the search, update its privacy settings, and manage your email alert preferences

From here, you can toggle on/off your email alerts, and modify the frequency of specific updates.

Be sure to hit Save to lock in your selections. 

*NOTE that 1,000 results is the maximum for email alerts. Refine your search with more filters to reduce your search result count so you can set up your alerts. 


After receiving the URL to a list, you’ll first need to save the list to your Crunchbase Pro account. Check the box on the far left side next to the Name column to reveal the blue Save to List button. 

This will open up the following modal:

From here, you can select the type of alerts you want to receive, as well as their frequency. Hit Save to lock in your selected alerts.

Need help with managing your saved search or list alerts? Post your question in the Crunchbase Community or connect with our support team at

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