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You can now search with SEMrush filters in Crunchbase to compare traffic across industries, countries, and more. Web traffic analytics will help you benchmark against competitors in your industry, identify emerging trends, and better understand the customer journey.

Let’s say we are in the GreenTech space and we want to gauge how our web traffic stands compared to top players in the industry.

To begin:

  1. Select Companies from the Advanced dropdown in the top navigation
  2. From the filters section, scroll to Industries and type in “GreenTech” and select the GreenTech option from the dropdown menu
  3. Then from the filters section, scroll down to Partner Filters
  4. Locate the filter Website Traffic (SEMrush) to see the total (non-unique) visits to the site in the last month (both desktop and mobile web). Then enter 10,000 in the text input box
  5. Watch your results update in real-time


We have just generated a list of the top GreenTech companies in terms of web traffic. All of these companies get over 10,000 monthly visits, and we can now see the top players in the space.

We can tailor this search even further by adding filters like Headquarters Location to limit companies to a geographic area, or by adding more Industry filters to see more niche industries. All you need is a Crunchbase paid subscription to dig deeper! To find out which subscription fits your needs, click here

How do I see SEMrush columns in my search results?

To see SEMrush details across your search results, start by clicking Edit View or Add Column.

Using the search example above, we will add Monthly VisitsBounce Rate, and Visit Duration Growth to get a more comprehensive view across our industry analysis.


By adding theseSEMrush columns, we can analyze web engagement across the top GreenTech companies in one single view.


Note: Traffic is pulled from the company or organization’s external website. For example, if you are viewing Tesla's monthly visits, those visits are attributed to the website, not their Crunchbase profile visits.

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