How is this integration different than the Enterprise add-on?

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To help our users focus more on selling and less on data entry, we have a Crunchbase Salesforce integration for users with a Crunchbase Pro subscription. Now you can sync the accounts you find in Crunchbase directly to your CRM, and even see which accounts are already there. Each account that you own in Salesforce will automatically be added to a Crunchbase list so you can get funding alerts on them. Learn more about this integration here


Or do you manage a large sales team with an aggressive quota? Our Salesforce integration data enrichment solution for Crunchbase Enterprise might be an even better fit for you. With it, you can bring Crunchbase data to all of your team's Salesforce accounts. 

The Salesforce integration data enrichment solution Crunchbase Enterprise allows you to:

  • Enrich all new and existing Salesforce account records with Crunchbase’s firmographic & comprehensive financial data (that’s 40+ data fields). Now you can understand a company’s buying potential within Salesforce and perfectly time your outreach. 
  • Never worry about stale data. We’ll update your Salesforce account records automatically. 

Talk to our sales team to learn more about Salesforce enrichment integration for Crunchbase Enterprise, included in our Data Enrichment solution.

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