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Diversity Spotlight is a feature on Crunchbase that highlights the profiles of companies that have diversity in their leadership and/or founding teams. While the diversity spotlight is ever-evolving, we currently feature data focused on race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. 

These diversity spotlight tags can be added to your organization's profile or found through a search:

  • Black / African American Founded
  • Black / African American Led
  • American Indian / Alaska Native Founded
  • American Indian / Alaska Native Led
  • South Asian Founded
  • South Asian Led 
  • East Asian Founded
  • East Asian Led
  • Southeast Asian Founded
  • Southeast Asian Led
  • Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander Founded
  • Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander Led
  • Hispanic / Latine Founded
  • Hispanic / Latine Led
  • Middle Eastern / North African Founded
  • Middle Eastern / North African Led
  • Women Founded
  • Women Led

These diversity spotlight tags require an intake and approval process to be added to an organization’s profile: 

  • LGBTQ+ Led
  • LGBTQ+ Founded

Multiple tags can be selected and added to a profile should an individual identify with one or more of our diversity options.

We recognize that we have not captured all underrepresented groups in our current list of tags. Please be assured that our diversity spotlight tags will continue to evolve, as we want to be inclusive and encourage discussions around these data points. In collaboration with trusted experts in diversity & inclusion and our in-house data management team, we will make thoughtful decisions on how to best iterate this feature.  If you have any suggestions or feedback on this feature, please feel free to reach out to spotlight@crunchbase.com

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