6 Key Highlights Of Crunchbase's New API v4.0

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The Crunchbase team has been hard at work developing our new API featuring a variety of enhancements to bring more value to your workflow. 

Below are 6 key highlights you can look forward to when using API v4.0:

  1. Search For Items Within The API 
    • Previously, API users would have to go through every item in the result and identify the ones of interest (e.g. “companies in SF”) in post-processing. Now, users can retrieve a much more specific list of results by providing the desired search filter criteria in the body of the Search API’s request.
  2. Fetch Only The Data Fields You Need
    • For each item you request, you can now specify exactly the data fields and relationships that you need for increased efficiency. If only one field matters to you, you can set up your call so that each item in the response will only contain that one field. This is available in both the Entity Lookup API and Search API.
  3. Search Deeper Into A Collection Of Equal Performance
    • API v4.0 now uses keyset pagination to retrieve the next set of results. This means you will no longer face the performance deprivation that would occur paginating deep into a collection using API v3.1.
    • Keyset pagination also enables users to utilize our Search API - instead of CSV - to pull down all the data from a single entity type. Learn more about how to paginate your Search API response here.
  4. Simplify Operations With Data Parity
    • All fields available in CSV 4.0 are now available in API v4.0 to keep workflows seamless.
    • Because API v4.0 is rebuilt on the Crunchbase Platform, it also leverages the same backend and subsequent data updates as crunchbase.com. This gives API v4.0 data parity with Crunchbase Pro, excluding Marketplace partner data.
  5. Improve Performance And Reliability Today And Tomorrow
    • Because API v4.0 is the Crunchbase Graph, we can assure that API v4.0 is more reliable and provides a faster and more consistent experience than the previous API v3.1.
    • Furthermore, future performance and platform enhancements that come to the Crunchbase Graph will be automatically available to API v4.0 as well.
  6. Leverage Fully Specific Responses 
    • Our API documentation includes a formal OpenAPI Specification (OAS 3.0).
    • This enables our customers to take advantage of the OAS ecosystem, helping to speed their integration and development.
    • For more details on OpenAPI and how it can benefit your development - read more here.












To view more information and examples, visit our API documentation page here

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