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  • Entity Type: The type of entity - like Organization, Person, etc. - that informs what fields can be found and what relationships may exist.
  • Entity: A single item within a collection.
    • Example: Crunchbase is a single entity within the collection of Organizations
    • Example: Crunchbase’s Series C is a single entity within the collection of funding rounds
  • Collection: A group of entities of the same entity type (e.g Organizations)
  • Facet: A specialized subtype of an entity if the role is applicable. For example, People and Organizations can have the facet investor.
  • Identifier: A common object that describes how an entity is identified within Crunchbase. Subfields include uuid, permalink, and entity type (entity_def_id).
  • Field Types: The type of data allowed in any field’s value, including optional limitations on range. This informs what operations are valid when the field is referenced in a search query. 

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