How do I correct Crunchbase information on MarketWatch?

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If you notice information that needs to be updated, we recommend updating the Crunchbase profile accordingly. Data updates will take 7 days to be reflected on a MarketWatch page. 

To update the Crunchbase data displayed on MarketWatch, you need to edit the Crunchbase profile by going to 

With Crunchbase, any registered user can add or edit profile pages. If you don’t have a user account yet, you can register for a user account here

Once you've logged in and completed social authentication via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, you can visit your existing profile by finding it through the top search bar.


To edit the page, click the three-dot icon and select, "Edit" button at the top right of any profile.


For more information on how to update sections of a profile check out our step-by-step articles here.

Updates made to your Crunchbase profile should reflect in 7 days on MarketWatch. 

If you notice data on that does not match the Crunchbase data on MarketWatch, please reach out to our team at with the following:

  • Link to Crunchbase profile
  • Link to MarketWatch page


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