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As Crunchbase is a crowdsourced database, any registered user can create or update a company profile page. Profiles are not exclusively linked to a single user or login.

In order to edit an existing Crunchbase profile, you’ll first need to create a User Account by registering for Crunchbase here. We recommend users register using their own email. Please also be sure to authenticate your user account with your own social media rather than a company profile.

Now that you’ve registered for a Crunchbase User Account, you’ll need to authenticate your account using a Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter account in order to edit a company profile. You can connect a social media account on the Account Settings page here and clicking on the Social Authentication box under Account Information. This will prompt open a new box where you can add or remove the social media accounts connected to your Crunchbase User Account. Remember, you should be authenticating your user account with your own social media. For further assistance with socially authenticating your User Account, you can find more information here.

Once you've socially authenticated your account, you can visit the existing profile by finding it in the top search and selecting from the list.


To edit the page, click the three-dot icon and select, "Edit" button at the top right of any profile. For more information on how to update sections of a profile check out our step-by-step articles here.




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