Why was my company profile removed?

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If you find your company profile has been deleted, it’s likely that your profile hit one of our moderation flags for appearing inconsistent with our platform guidelines.

Our target company profiles fall within the following:

  • Early-stage funded startups
  • Micro, venture, or private equity investors
  • Growth startups
  • Startups that are pre-funding
  • Technology industry companies (public & private)
  • Other high-profile companies

Crunchbase has many moderation queues in place that review and remove irrelevant or spammy content on a daily basis.

The following may cause a profile to be flagged during moderation:

  • Gambling ads
  • Pornography
  • Sites that promote gore/violence
  • Software piracy
  • Tech support/ IT support
  • Loans
  • Cryptocurrency scams
  • Airline deals
  • Movie streaming sites
  • Real estate postings
  • Video game download links
  • Web directories and website submission sites
  • Promotional-based profiles that are purely advertisements
  • Small businesses
    • i.e. spa, dentistry, pest control, home repair, landscaping, etc
  • URL shorteners
    • i.e. , Bit.ly, Goo.gl, etc
  • Profiles written entirely in a language other than English
  • Pharmaceutical treatments for sale, including dietary supplements

If you believe there has been a mistake, please reach out to our team at support@crunchbase.com and include a link to your former company profile.

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