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How to Request Access to CrunchBase Enterprise Data in the Snowflake Data Marketplace 

1. Log in to your Snowflake Account. Click on “Data Marketplace” along the top horizontal  menu. Click on “Explore the Snowflake Data Marketplace” 

2. The Snowflake Data Marketplace will open in a new Tab. Click on “Business” in the left  vertical Categories menu. 

3. Scroll down until you see the listing for “Crunchbase Enterprise: Company & Funding Data”;  click on the tile.  

4. Click the “Request” button on the top right. 

5. Fill out the Request Form. Include your (customer point of contact) name, email address, and  any other relevant info in the “Message” section.  

6. Email your Crunchbase point of contact to let them know that you’ve submitted the request.  You’ll be able to access and manage the data from this Marketplace page one the request is  granted. 


Where can I find my Account Name and Region (Deployment Zone)?  

  • Click on your username in the top right corner; the information will drop down below the  username. 

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