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Introducing: Crunchbase CRM Enrichment for!

With Crunchbase’s new CRM enrichment, CRM users can enrich their board items with live company data to quickly identify qualified opportunities and inform outreach. Unleash the potential of your business by effortlessly incorporating proprietary company information from Crunchbase directly to your workspace. 

Use Cases & Benefits 

Target the right companies using key signals

Find companies in a position to make a deal using Crunchbase's unique funding and revenue data, and inform outreach with real-time insights to reach out with relevant information at the right time.

Spend less time searching and more time selling

Reduce manual search with best-in-class company data delivered right in your CRM, and enhance your automations by building workflow templates with advanced Crunchbase data to surface qualified accounts.

Ensure CRM data hygiene and freshness 

Set up daily updates to your CRM records and get automatically refreshed data directly in your CRM.


Installation & First Use


  1. Prepare a board having all the necessary fields pre-configured before the integration setup process begins. Find all available Crunchbase fields with corresponding column types in the Functional Overview section. 
  2. During the application setup, you’ll need to authenticate access to your Crunchbase account by providing your Enterprise / Internal Data license API key. To get your API key, please reach out to your Crunchbase Customer Success Manager or email


STEP 1: Install the Crunchbase CRM Enrichment app from the apps marketplace.


STEP 2: Once installed, go to your previously prepared board to set up the integration. 

*​​Note: Only one Crunchbase integration recipe can be established per board.


STEP 3: Navigate to the integration menu located in the top right corner.

STEP 4: Locate Crunchbase CRM Enrichment in the Integrations Center, click on the integration, and choose the included template recipe.

Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 3.58.53 PM.png

STEP 5: On the next step, authorize your Crunchbase CRM Enrichment app into platform by providing your Crunchbase API key prepared earlier. *Note: In order to change the API key after the integration recipe setup, the Crunchbase CRM Enrichment app should be completely reinstalled.

Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 3.56.37 PM.png

STEP 6: For recipe configuration, set up the following parameters:

  • Choose the appropriate Text column dedicated to a company website 
    • Filling in the website field narrows down the search criteria in cases when there are companies with the same name returned in Crunchbase, so users can specify which exact company they want to integrate. If the website is not specified, the company with the highest Crunchbase rank is integrated to the board by default. 
  • Click on the “fields” option to set up the field mapping between Crunchbase fields and board columns.
  • Select the “error” Text column for error message specification in case any should arise.

STEP 7: Once you are done with the recipe configuration, click the "Add to Board" button.


That's it! Now, live company data will be automatically added to your board on each item create or update action in accordance to your integration recipe configuration.

Functional Overview 


  • On the initial recipe setup user is prompted for the Crunchbase API key. As soon as the API key is submitted, the app checks its validity, and allows the user to set up a recipe.
  • One Crunchbase API key persists per account and is used for all recipes/requests configured under this account.
  • In order to change the Crunchbase account after the initial integration recipe setup, the app should be completely reinstalled. 


  • The integration is triggered when one of the following events occurs:
    • A new item (line) is created on board
    • Items’ name is updated
    • Items’ website is set
    • Items’ website is updated
  • Name is the primary identifier used to find the appropriate company in Crunchbase. 
  • Website is an additional identifier not mandatory for filling. 
    • It helps to narrow down the search criteria in case when there are companies with the same name returned in Crunchbase, so users can specify which exact company they want to integrate. If the website is not specified, the company with the highest Crunchbase rank would be integrated to the board. 
  • Once a day, integration is automatically run to sync all existing company entries presented on the board with Crunchbase and updates the board items with new values if any are found.
  • The following table displays 50 Crunchbase fields that can be mapped and integrated to your board. Please use only specified column types for seamless integration.
Crunchbase fields column types Notes
Acquired Date Date column  
Acquired Price Numbers column  
All Investors Long Text column  
City Text column  
Closed Date Date column  
Company Name Name column Company Name is automatically taken from the Name column, so it’s not presented in the dynamic fields mapping.   
Contact Email Email column  
Country Text column  
Crunchbase Categories Dropdown column  
Crunchbase Rank Numbers column  
Crunchbase Rank Movement (last 7 days) Numbers column  
Crunchbase Rank Movement (last 30 days) Numbers column  
Crunchbase Rank Movement (last 90 days) Numbers column  
Crunchbase URL Link column  
Diversity Spotlight Long text column  
Founded Date Date column  
Full Description Long text column  
Hub Tags Long text column  
Top 5 Investors Long text column  
IPO Date Date column  
Latest Acquired Company Text column  
Latest Acquisition Date Date column  
Latest Acquisition Price Numbers column  
Latest Investment - Amount Invested (USD) Numbers column  
Latest Investment - Company Text column  
Latest Investment - Date Date column  
Latest Round - Date Date column  
Latest Round - Funding Type / Series Status column  
Latest Round - Money Raised (USD) Numbers column  
Legal Name Text column  
Number of Acquisitions (#) Numbers column  
Number of Employees Status column  
Number of Founders Numbers column  
Number of Funding Rounds (#) Numbers column  
Number of Investments (#) Numbers column  
Number of Investors (#) Numbers column  
Organization Status Status column  
Phone Number Text column  
Postal Code Text column  
Profile Image URL Link column  
Region Text column  
Revenue Range (USD) Status column  
Short Description Text column  
Stock Exchange Text column  
Stock Symbol Text column  
Street Text column  
Total Funding (USD) Numbers column  
Total Money Invested (USD) Numbers column  
Website Text column Website field has a separate selection in the integration recipe, so it is not presented in the dynamic fields mapping.


Special Cases

  1. If a company is not found by the provided name or name and website, users will be notified and the corresponding board item will be updated with the appropriate error message. The same happens if there is no match between the provided name and website.

  2. If there are multiple companies with the same name returned in Crunchbase, the company with the highest rank would be integrated to the board.

  3. If Crunchbase API rate limit is reached, users will be notified appropriately. All items that remained unprocessed would be processed on the next automatic integration run (triggered once a day) or should be recreated/updated for the immediate integration run. 


Questions? Please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager for assistance, or email

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