What does 'Powered by AI' mean?

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While browsing Crunchbase, you may encounter brief summaries that provide additional company insights, and are listed as being ‘Powered by AI’ (for example, in the header for Similar Companies).

‘Powered by AI’ means we use machine learning and AI to generate the content you are looking at based on existing Crunchbase data. We use a multi-layered approach of data source validation to ensure the reliability of our Generative AI service:

Data Source Validation

All data used for generating insights is sourced by Crunchbase. This means that our Generative AI service relies on data we provided, rather than the model's independent data search or historical data usage.

In-Service Evaluation

As soon as insights are generated by the AI, they undergo an immediate auto-assessment by our Data Team.

Source Data Transparency

For every insight we publish, the source data contributing to its conclusion is clearly cited and made accessible for reference and validation by users. 

Community Feedback 

In instances where an insight is found to be inaccurate, we have implemented feedback mechanisms. Users can flag such insights for review, which can lead to their amendment or removal. This process ensures continuous improvement and accuracy of the insights we offer.


*Please note that we make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness, or fitness for a particular purpose of any AI content - any use of the AI content is strictly at the users’ risk.

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