What are Growth Insights?

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Our powered by AI ‘Growth Insights’ references our existing signal data (i.e. Actively Hiring, Leadership Hire, Recently Funded,  etc.), and are available to all Crunchbase users. With this data, you can target companies that are growing and steer clear of those that are not. 

You can find and utilize these growth insights in a few places on Crunchbase - first, on the right-hand side of *select company profiles…

…second, under the Signals & News tab:

…third, as a ‘Growing’ filter under the Signals filter category in Advanced Search or Query Builder:

Advanced Search

Query Builder 

Find out more on building searches with this growth signal HERE


*Please note that not all company profiles on Crunchbase will have growth insights, as our ability to display this information largely depends on the availability of the relevant data. If you are not seeing this information for a specific company, it means we do not have enough validated data to generate an insight at this time.  


If you have any questions on our existing growth insights, or have feedback on how we can improve upon this feature, please reach out to prosupport@crunchbase.com

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