Why can't I see Similar Companies?

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Similar Companies are generated by Crunchbase’s machine learning model that analyzes underlying data attributes such as industry tags, company description, firmographics, and financial information. We try to ensure that this feature is available on all company profiles, but occasionally you may encounter a profile that does not have similar companies listed. 

Here’s a couple of reasons as to why:

  • The profile may be newly added to Crunchbase, and has not yet been assigned its Similar Companies
  • There are no other profiles within Crunchbase that meet the attributes required to be deemed a Similar Company in relation to the profile you are viewing

In other words, we surface Similar Companies that we have the utmost confidence about, so you are guaranteed to be getting only the best results.

“How can I help generate Similar Companies on a particular profile?”

  • Edit the profile to make sure it’s up-to-date
  • Focus on industry tags and company description, to ensure key words are featured on the profile

Over time, with contributions from users like you, our model will continue to improve in both its coverage and quality.


Questions? Feel free to reach out to prosupport@crunchbase.com

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