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Crunchbase’s Recommendations help you prospect faster by automating account discovery and qualification. Uncover new opportunities with relevant recommendations powered by machine learning. You can quickly qualify accounts and understand why a company is recommended specifically for you.

With Recommendations, you can: 

  • Discover net-new accounts that are recommended for you based on your unique activity and territory preferences.
    • Get in-app notifications to prioritize new personalized recommendations.
  • Qualify to see if accounts meet your ICP with growth signals and fast facts.
    • Prioritize accounts based on a fit score (%), and understand why companies are recommended for you.
  • Engage with decision-makers and see recommended contacts based on your preferences to align with your ICP.
    • Push contacts to Salesforce or Outreach sequences, and leverage intelligent email templates and snippets that leverage Crunchbase’s data.

Access Recommendations page by clicking ‘Recommended in the top navigation bar. On the Recommendations page, you can scan quick facts (location, company size, revenue & industry) and click ‘Save’ to add to a custom list or ‘Push’ to send it to Salesforce. 




You can also view Recommendations on organization profile pages on the Summary tab on the right-hand side, and select ‘View All’ to see your full list.


Additionally, you can now view your recommendations via the 'My Recommendations' shortcut on the homepage and receive notifications!

Each time you engage with Recommendations, you’ll get even more tailored recommendations! To learn more about engaging with this feature and how to make recommendations more relevant, click here

See the Recommendations feature in action here:

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