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1:  Select the profile type you’d like to search from the Advanced Search drop-down on the top navigation

Dive into companies, people, investors, funding rounds, acquisitions, schools, or events. Here’s more on how to build a search.


2: Add filters

Input your criteria for your search by using the filters located on the left-hand side. Search filters will vary depending on profile type and range from funding rounds, industries, to founders. Note, the individual filter sections will appear collapsed - simply click the dropdown arrow to expand the section you want to look at or utilize.


3: Watch your result update  

As you update your filters, you should see your results automatically update.


4: Edit View
Customize the columns you would like to see here. Learn how to modify columns to personalize the data displayed to you.


5: Save to list

Lists are great for keeping tabs on your competitors, key prospects, or companies you're interested in. You can select and add them to an existing list or create a new list. 


6: Save a search

Monitor, share, and discover companies, investors, and people by clicking here to save your searches. If you’ve already saved the search, remember to click Save Changes in order to save any changes made to the search.


7: Saved lists

Any lists that you created can be found by clicking the Lists icon at the top of the navigation bar. View your most recent three or click All Lists to view all. 


8: Saved searches

Any searches you choose to save will be stored in the Saved tab on advanced search. They can also be quickly accessed by clicking the Lists icon at the top of the navigation bar and selecting Saved Searches


9: Drill-ins
Discover why a company is listed in a search by using drill-ins. Here are some examples of how to use drill-ins to learn more from your search results.


10: Crunchbase Rank and Trend Score
Quickly see a company, investor, or person’s influence by skimming their Crunchbase Rank and Trend Score. See how Crunchbase Rank and Trend Score are calculated and can help you prioritize by reading more here.


12: Compare

Select up to 4 of your results to compare. Compare companies, investors, and more, on everything from industry categories to funding rounds.


13: Clear filters

Looking to start a new search? Clear the filters you added to quickly get started!


14: Featured Searches and Lists

Look through our curated featured section and get inspired with searches or lists to create. This option can be on the home feed or by clicking here.


15: Use the top search bar

Use the top search bar to look up a specific company, investor, or person by name to find their Crunchbase profile. 


16: Account Information

Access your account settings here to update your password, email address, and to manage your Crunchbase Starter account.


17: Get help
Looking for some help? Explore our Knowledge Center to find how-to articles and FAQs, see helpful guides and search examples. Or ask other users and post your question in the Crunchbase Community For additional help, contact support here.


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