What Types of Searches Can I Build Using Crunchbase Starter?

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We currently offer 9 types of searches that can be used to start your search. 


  1. Companies: A great search to use if you’re looking for a group of companies. (ie, Companies in the software industry)
  2. Contacts: This search allows you to filter by job titles, job levels, departments, and employee names. 
  3. People: This search should be used if you’re looking for a group of individuals (ie, People with a job title CEO). 
  4. Investors: This search can be used to locate information about a group of investors or firms. (ie, Venture Capital investors that make investments in the software industry).
  5. Funding Rounds: This search should be used when you’re looking for a specific group of rounds. (ie, Seed rounds announced within the last 2 weeks).
  6. Acquisitions: Use this search to look at groups of acquisitions. (ie, Acquisitions announced a month ago). 
  7. Schools: The perfect search when you’re looking for schools that fit a certain criteria. (ie, Public schools with 1,000 alumni who are founders). 
  8. Events: A useful search when you want to discover events and details about them. (ie, Fintech events that start in 2020)
  9. Hubs: A search to view collections of profiles (hubs) that fit a certain criteria. (ie, Startups Founded in 2020)

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