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Whether you’re looking for leads, investors, or just trying to keep tabs on competitors (we won’t tell), you can save your search to stay updated at all times.


1. Create a Search

  • Select the profile type you’d like to search from the Advanced drop-down on the top navigation.
  • Update the desired filters you’re interested in. Note, the individual filter sections will appear collapsed - simply click the dropdown arrow to expand the section you want to look at or utilize. 
  • Watch your search results update in real-time.



2.  Save

  • Click the Save Search icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Create a name that you'll remember. Then click Create.
  • Modify your saved search at any time by coming back and editing filters. Once you’ve made your desired changes, click Save Changes to lock it in.



3. Edit alerts and settings

  • Set alerts to be notified of any new results that match your search.
  • All saved searches default to private, but if you want to share the love, you can make the URL public and shareable.
  • You can edit these settings at any time by going to My Searches and clicking the gear icon.



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