How do I upgrade my Starter Trial to a Pro Trial?

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Starter trial users can now upgrade to a Pro trial right in Crunchbase!

To upgrade your Starter trial to a Pro trial, head to the Subscriptions & Billing tab in your Account Settings. Here, you'll see the option to Upgrade To Pro Trial:


The next page will clarify that you do not owe anything at the time of upgrade, and ask for you to confirm:


You're now all set up and ready to go with your Crunchbase Pro trial!

To see the trial upgrade process in action, check out below:


Please note that at this time, there is not a direct upgrade path from a Starter trial to a paid Pro subscription. If you would like to upgrade to Crunchbase Pro from your Starter trial, you'll need to first upgrade to a Pro trial following the instructions above, and then bypass the trial period by selecting  mceclip0.png.

Feel free to reach out to for any questions. 


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