How do I get my company featured in the Crunchbase Daily newsletter?

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To create the Crunchbase Daily Newsletter, we look at all of the funding rounds entered into Crunchbase since the last email was sent. Our editors then choose from those investments by considering the stage, investors, size of the round, previous rounds raised, press coverage, and other similar factors.

Ultimately, we try to pick fundings that our readers will find interesting — there is not one specific component required to be featured in the top three. 

However, we are more likely to feature those that have a very well filled-out Crunchbase profile:

  • For company data, this includes an up-to-date logo, a direct third-person description, working website and social media links, founding date, contact information, headquarters, industries/markets, and profiles added for founders and current team with photos and descriptions.
  • For the specific funding, this includes the funding amount and list of all investors.

Anyone can add or update Crunchbase, so please feel free to update your profile.

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