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While Searches help you find results that match your criteria, Lists allow you to follow specific profiles. It’s a simple way to monitor prospects, investors, or your next unicorn.


1. Select results from a search

  • After you've searched, click the checkbox next to the results you want to save or check the top box to select all search results
  • Click Save to List
  • Select from existing lists or create a new one on the spot
  • You can make as many lists as your heart desires such a contact list. To learn more click here



2. Quick add from my lists

  • In My Lists, enter the name of a profile you would like to add
  • After entering the name, a dropdown menu will appear with matches. Select the one you have your eye on
  • A checkmark will appear when it is successfully added. Hooray!



3. Save on profile pages

  • When visiting a profile you want to track more easily, simply click Save on the top right of the screen
  • Choose to add the profile to an existing list, 'My First List' or create a new list!
  • You can now Push the profile to Salesforce



Pro Tip: Fond of a featured list or search? Feel free to add items from their list to your own!

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