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Do you want to monitor the companies in your Searches and Lists? Set email alerts that work around your busy schedule. Designate what type of news you want to receive and how often you want to be updated.


1. Go to My Searches or My Lists

  • My Lists are static. They are profiles you’ve specifically grouped together in order to keep tabs on what you care about
  • My Saved Searches are dynamic. They will continue to update while you're gone by adding new profiles that match your search filters
  • Both are located in the left panel on your home page. 



2. Click the gear icon

  • It's to the left of your Searches and Lists
  • It's gray, circular, and looks like the icon to the left



3. Edit name/alerts

  • Select what you want to be notified of (Additions, Funding Rounds, News, etc.) by designating either Daily or Weekly updates for that alert type
  • If you decide your Search or List needs a new name, or you’re suddenly interested in another type of alert, you can always come back here by clicking the Gear icon
  • All Saved Searches and Lists are set to private by default. Want to share the love with friends or colleagues? Make the URL shareable here, then copy and paste the URL to share


See the alerts feature in action here:

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