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As a paid Crunchbase user with a Pro subscription or Enterprise license, you can export your searches and lists to a CSV file. *Please note that the export feature is not available during the trial period.

After building a search or creating a list, simply click the Export To CSV button in the upper right-hand corner:

The file will download to your computer right away, at which time you can open it in Excel, Google Sheets, OpenOffice, or another program of your choice. 

Click here for a step-by-step video tutorial

Note that the CSV file will be a direct reflection of what the search or list looked like at the time of exporting, including any custom columns that you have added or removed. Additionally, those with our Salesforce integration with Crunchbase, In-CRM status cannot be exported at this time.


Having trouble with your export? Check out our troubleshooting guide HERE. You can also post your question in the Crunchbase Community or contact us directly at prosupport@crunchbase.com.  

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