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Crunchbase Pro users can now unlock and/or push up to 10 Contacts to their CRM (Salesforce or Hubspot) at once. This new feature helps streamline the prospecting workflow, and minimizes the manual work required to unlock each Contact one at a time.

  • Fewer clicks and less time
  • Avoid creating duplicate records
  • Curate your outreach to connect with decision-makers

You can use this feature in 3 different places: Lists, Advanced Search, and Query Builder. *Coming soon to Chrome Extension.*

Simply check off the boxes of the 10 or less Contacts that you'd like to push and/or unlock, and click either Unlock or Push.


You'll see a yellow processing pop-up for a few seconds, then another pop-up to verify whether or not the action was successful.



Check out the feature in action:


*If you see the total number of Contacts pushed is less than what you selected (i.e. "7/10 contacts have been successfully pushed to your CRM!"), click the View Details button for more information on why it failed. You can find more on this in our troubleshooting guide HERE.



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